• Secondary research – literature reviews, context setting
  • Primary research, empirical research including community based, event testing, pilot programmes; quantitative and qualitative research and creative action research
  • Structuring consultation so that it is representative of your communities
  • Focused consultation to respond to or identify gaps in provision
  • Analysis, data analytics (including Google Analytics), ONS, demographic profiling, surveys, open and comparative consultation

Our research experience helps us to produce high quality evaluations, think papers, strategy, scoping reports. Identifies strategic and operational direction to organisations wishing to improve communication with service users, stakeholders and audiences. We produce Theory of Change/ Logic Models for our evaluations.

Our evaluations have included:

  • Artistic / creative development
  • Audience engagement
  • Digital innovation
  • Inter-disciplinary working
  • Education
  • Social / community development
  • Youth work

Creative Action Research is solution focused. By working with clients, learning starts with user experience and testing out ideas. This means on the ground delivery, followed by direct evaluation leading to change. Stakeholders who are affected by planned changes are responsible for deciding on courses of action that seem likely to lead to sustainable improvement. The emphasis of the research changes from producing a report to the development of the researchers and their environment.

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