Hybrid is a creative consultancy, fostering creativity. We are people focused and support communities, organisations and individuals to find creative solutions to effect positive social change. We build in creativity to invigorate, challenge and inspire.

Our heroes are the disruptive leaders, the social investors, the community workers and the pioneers; we aim to make a difference with what we do.

How we do what we do

We work in two key ways: Research and Action

Research, strategy, operational direction and evaluation as well as creative action research, including quantitative and qualitative data collation and analysis.

Project delivery, communication, consultation and advocacy utilised to deliver high quality partnership programmes.


We have extensive experience across the arts, digital and cultural sectors. We share a passion for culture.

We understand the importance of establishing clear understanding of client aspirations and requirements.

We have delivered over 1000 workshops, events, projects, training sessions, programmes of activity and conferences.

The participatory programmes that we’ve run have engaged more than 150, 000 people.


We understand the need for effective, positive consultation and stakeholder engagement.

We always work collaboratively.

We have a strong commitment to innovation, imagination and creativity in all that we do and bring this approach with us when delivering all contracts.

Understanding human behaviour is vital to our work and has made us successful creative and community producers delivering high levels of stakeholder engagement.


We deliver and produce clear, high quality reports and outputs.

We understand the need for thorough and careful planning and research. We have meticulous attention to detail but also understand the bigger picture and the complexity of organisations.

We connect high-level strategic management experience with academic experience and understanding of research methods.


We enjoy what we do and people, our clients, our participants, our artists, our researchers, our partners and our project managers enjoy working with us.

We ensure that communication is open and honest.

Hybrid Consulting