Supporting the London Borough of Bexley’s Cultural Olympiad Programme

Timescale: 19th September 2011 until 31st August 2012

Hybrid is co-producing the London Borough of Bexley’s Cultural Olympiad programme.  There are a range of projects taking place including the Bexley’s Olympic Torch Relay and Evening Celebration on the 22nd July 2012. These include:

Theatre/ Archive Project: ‘Eleusis’

Big Dance Activity including the ‘Hidden Spaces’ film and Big Dance Bus 


Inter-faith Community Choir & Youth Choir


Bexley’s rich history and diverse communities will be shown in the Theatre, Archive Project: ‘Eleusis’.  Working along the Olympic torch relay route, this programme of cultural activity crosses 5 of Bexley’s towns, gathering stories and experiences of life in Bexley.  Hybrid will be working with theatre company Parrabbola to produce a series of site specific short plays.  Drawing out the rich history of the borough the plays will also be available to download onto smartphones. The stories will help us to create a version of Eleusis or a ‘mini Bexley’ for the Evening Celebration on the Sunday 22nd July.  With images, temporary statues, rangoli (floor decoration) and printed banners that set the scene for some of the stories. 

For BeXfactor young people from across the London Borough of Bexley are being trained alongside professional musicians to build up their skills in music, singing and performance. 

The Inter-faith Community Choir & Youth Choir brings together choirs and individuals who use singing, chanting or words in their places of worship.  The theme is ‘Welcome the World’, fittingly the theme of the opening weekend for the London Olympic Games.