Tea and talk

Several Wednesdays have elapsed since starting the project and I have spoken to a number of shopkeepers about the project. Some have exchanged thoughts on independent trading and the difficulties faced in the current times of economic uncertaintity. One long exchange with a shop owner delved into the underlying issues around consumerism and what makes us happy. Is having the latest 'thing' the rod for our back in terms of a relentless need to keep up with new products?

This particular shop owner never seems to stop. I bumped into him many times during the several Wednesdays on the project and he was always on the go, to pick up new stock, deliver items, agree orders etc. I asked him if I could photograph his shop as I wanted to make a model of it. The shop is designed for purpose. Simple, organised, user friendly and the maximum use of space being applied. It is a template for indpendent shops everywhere, yet it is unique as it is his.

The model making is underway as I write this and I hope that I do it justice.


What a lovely lovely serrendipitous thing it was to have someone point out your pop up in Grove Lane Handsworth. Yep, I went inside and I could hardly tear myself away. What a great interesting friendly bunch of people. I only wish I had known about you before.

You will see more of me, (she said darkly) just tell me to shurrup now and then if it gets too much. It's Brummie for 'Give someone else a chance Wendy'.....


Hi Wendy,

Thanks so much for coming in and I'm glad to hear you were impressed with the shop. I don't think there's any need to tell you to shurrup, indeed I look forward to hear more about those left-brain exercises...