Sewing Machines and scribbles


I've been trying to find lovely sewing machines,old television sets, typewriters and plinths at the moment-in leui of the workshops and installation in December. I will be holding workshops to make a lovely piece of work aurrounding themes of mental wellbeing.

So I have been hoping to stumble accross a sewing machine for a little while, and low and behold by the grace of god I found one! A beautiful, used, worn and heavy sewing machine; I left it at the charity shop though because it was too heavy to carry, I think I may use a skate board to wheel it onto the bus and then off again and maybe kindly ask someone to help me take it up the stairs.

By the way the picture isnt mine- since buying an old sewing maching I have been looking at instructions on how to service them and this picture is particulary sweet.

My practice is focused on our experience of presentness and how our understanding is influenced by past experience and perceived truths. Its playful and I use found objects and scribbles and illustration and video and site specific installation. My current work is looking at mental health,  well being and trying to address the stigma attached to experiencing mental health difficulties, I am looking forward to working in handsworth and making a beautiful collaborative piece of work.







I'm trying to figure it out

I'm trying to figure it out at the moment, it looks lovely though. See you friday for keys etc.

I'm glad you found one! I

I'm glad you found one! I have one at home which I have no idea how to use, so maybe I'll learn something from you. Really excited to see what you produce in the shop.