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My little boy and I picked up

My little boy and I picked up one of your lovely leaflets today from the library...sounds really exciting what you're doing - please could you pop some more details on your website....

- how long is the tea room going to be open for (weeks/months?)
- what are the opening hours
- is it actually a 'tea room', and if so what sort of things are served there
- how can people get involved in the drama stuff that is mentioned on the leaflet
- if their is a final 'production' what is the date of that so that people can keep it free

Thank you! Apologies if this is already written somewhere and I have missed it :). I just think that if people had access to this info then more folks might get involved - it might be worth having a couple of posters up somewhere like the co-op with the info on as nearly everyone who lives in Stirchley probably passes through there at least once a week!

Claire x

Stirchley Information

Hi there Claire,

Many thanks for your message. Sorry if the information is hard to find - appreciate its difficult when there's lots of blogs, blah and comments!

I'll answer most of your questions here, but then also signpost you to the URL which has the programme so far, we will almost certainly be adding to it though, so watch the tearoom windows for more information (well once we've solved the problem of the shutters)!

We're pop up so will be in the space till early/ mid March

The opening hours are on the programme, but will mainly be Wednesday, Friday, the odd Monday, odd Saturday and who knows what other day. But check the programme, and if you'd like us to email you with updates, we can easily do so.

It is a tearoom, we offer a range of teas (not a huge range!) and generally have cake and or biscuits on the go.

Everyone can get involved in the production, if you just let us have your details we can pass these on to Parrabbola - or just call into the tearoom one of the days. The final date for the promenade hasn't yet been set, but is likely to be in February/ early March. Let me know if there's any other information you'd like.

Great idea about putting something up at the Co-op, we'll look into that asap.

And the URL with the programme is

Many thanks,


Hi Samina Thanks for that

Hi Samina

Thanks for that info.....that timetable was very useful as it gave a much clearer idea of all the great things that are going on at the tearoom :) - I'll definately be coming along and telling friends about it. Perhaps a poster with that specific info up in the library/coop etc would be useful for those folks in Stirchley who don't live close enough to wander past the tearoom to check out the times?

One other quick question - please could you describe whereabouts you are based as it's really hard looking for house/shop numbers when driving along/on the bus along Pershore Road and I haven't been able to find it! Thanks


Hi Claire, It's great to hear

Hi Claire,

It's great to hear that you will be getting involved with the project. The tea room is based on Pershore Road, at the corner of Ivy Road. Once you pass the one-way system that starts at the Co-op you carry on down Pershore Road past the community school and constituency office. There is an antiques shop on the opposite side of the road, and a tobacconist next door to our shop. We will have a big banner up shortly which will announce the shop more clearly, and the shutters will be up - look for the colourful garlands and a table with teacups in the window!

I will pop into the co-op with some flyers - great idea.


Secret Stirchley coming at you

On Tuesday the 14th of December, Dotty and Mihaela were off to Stirchley for the second time, and they were on a mission. Oh yes. Armed with two thousand shiny and new Secret Stirchley postcards, they were determined to spread the good word.

The concept was simple: take one shiny and new postcard, turn it over, write down your very own real or imaginary tale (set in the present, past, or future), and hand it in at the Inhabit pop-up tearoom (now open for business at 1474 Pershore Road). Then we take all your dramatic/ mundane/ funny/ sad/ fantastic/ criminal/ moral tales, and weave them into a spectacular promenade performance – in which we would love you to take part!

We hoped the people of Stirchley would prove to be open-minded and welcoming. We hoped it would prove an easy task to engage the community and get support. We hoped, but we were genuinely surprised by just how welcoming, open-minded, and supportive everyone was!

At the library we met the lovely librarians and left a bundle of postcards with them, for folks to pick up. We were also invited to a coffee morning and encouraged to return as soon as possible. We liked the library very much. We also liked: Stirchley Community Centre, where we were bombarded with initiative – the Community Centre will put an electronic version of our pretty postcards in their newsletter; the fabulous market, where we had the chance to meet many enthusiastic Stirchleyans; the Community Church, where we were received very warmly by the minister, with a promise of support and involvement in the project; and the streets of Stirchley, which proved to be packed with friendly and curious people.

All in all, we had a tremendous time, and can’t wait to be back in January. So have a Holly Jolly everyone, and a Happy New Year, and look out for us in 2011!

Dotty and Mihaela and Philip