Collecting Stories! January 10th and 11th

Oh yes, a brand new, shiny year. Welcome everyone to 2011! We at Parrabbola are terribly excited to get back into Stirchley and see what tales the Stirchley-ans (Stirchley-ites?) have spun for us. The plan is to have a performance ready for the middle of February, so watch this space for dates and times.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


We shall be inhabiting the Inhabit Tea room (1474 Pershore Road) on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th to collect stories and meet with the community. Everyone is welcome to drop in for a chat, and enjoy a cup of tea and piece of cake; perhaps tell us their dreams for Stirchley in 2011. We will be around from about 11:00 am and through the afternoon and we shall be waiting for you!